Inkigayo’s statement regarding MC Ahn Yujin who hasn’t appeared for 8 weeks “It’s unconfirmed”

original post: theqoo

1. Why? Ahn Yujin is doing well

2. Inkigayo, why are you treating her like that… Are you crazy???

3. Is there any conflict between SBS and her agency? MC Ahn Yujin did so well, but why?

4. No one knows what’s going on.. Yujin-ah, don’t get sick

5. What……? The reason is ridiculous. MC Ahn Yujin did so well, but why?

6. Looks like she’s leaving Inkigayo

7. I guess SBS wants another female MC

8. We need to know exactly why she hasn’t appeared on Inkigayo for 8 weeks

9. I hope Ahn Yujin doesn’t get hurt by this

10. Does she have other schedules?