Inside the new HYBE (Big Hit Labels) office building, where Min Heejin shaped the brand and design the space

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1. I went to Naver’s office building, I have a feeling the interior is designed to resemble Naver in some pictures

2. It’s like a big corporation

3. Wow, BTS made f*cking lots of money

4. Well, I want to join the company..

5. Wow daebak… I want to work there too

6. It’s more normal than I thought, and I don’t see creativity here

7. Well, I can’t judge since I don’t know anything about the design, but it’s great to just look at it. Big Hit has built a kingdom of their own thanks to BTS. Big Hit is a magical success story for small and medium businesses

8. What is Min Heejin doing? She designs the interior of the building?ㅋㅋㅋ

9. It’s not like an entertainment company, it’s like an IT company

10. The interior is not my taste, but I’m jealous of the staff who work here

11. The building was built with money that BTS earned;; Daebak..

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