Recent plastic surgery trend, #1 Red Velvet Irene … #2 SNSD Yoona … #3 BLACKPINK Jennie

Irene, Yoona, and Jennie are recent plastic surgery trend in Korea

Park Na-rae asked about recent plastic surgery trends and Kim Jong-Myung said: “The unique beauty of BLACKPINK Jennie is in 3rd place, 2nd place is traditional beauty, Girls’ Generation Yoona, 1st place is Red Velvet Irene with special eyebrows.”

original post: naver

1.[+919, -233] Jennie’s a little…

2. [+521, -14] When I go to Instagram, 80% of them have the same face and 20% of them have the same facial expressions. I wonder if they are sisters but they look different. These days, I feel dizzy when distinguishing Korean people in my country.

3. [+298, -25] But what if you change your face? Inside is important.

4. [+164, -25] I work in plastic surgery. I don’t know the opinions of people, but Korean men do a lot of plastic surgery. Bone molds are larger than women, so it’s less obvious.Don’t speak ill of women only if you don’t know them well.

5. [+372, -279] Irene is a beauty of plastic surgery ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look at the past pictures.

6. [+79, -4] But you have to have small faces like Yoona and Irene … You have to cut the bone.

7. [+133, -62] Is Jennie pretty? She just looks weird.

8. [+56, -7] Irene is pretty because she’s Irene.