Irene’s acting in trailer for ‘Double Patty’

original post: theqoo

1. I don’t know Irene’s voice well, but it sounds similar to Sandara Park’s

2. Who really wants to watch her movie?

3. Only fans will watch her movie

4. Even with this short video, I feel that her voice is bad…

5. I don’t know if her acting is good or not, but I won’t watch her movie

6. It’s too short, so I don’t know if her acting is good or not

7. It’s amazing how you can judge her acting with just a trailer

8. Apart from her visuals, she really doesn’t have any talent..

9. Looking at this, I think the actors are all acting well, and the people who succeed at transitioning from idols to actors are amazing

10. I can’t judge her acting as good or bad with a trailer, but I don’t want to watch her movie

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