Irene’s apology

“Good morning. This is Irene.
It snowed a lot, and the weather got colder. Are you all doing well?
I’m late, but I’m trembling as I say hello in writing. Firstly, I wanted to say I apologize for causing so much pain and worry to so many people because of my inadequacy.
I started as a trainee in 2009 at the age of 19, and until now, standing in front of you all as Irene of Red Velvet has been my whole life. I’ve lived in my little society in the entertainment world wanting to do the best I can, and I think to do it well is the most important work for me. I lived while thinking I was getting along with the people around me in my own way, so I didn’t know that my communication method or expression could be a problem. I only thought that each way of communication was different.
I received a lot of worry and reprimands not only from the public, but also from those surrounding me for events in the past. It gave me time to quietly reflect on myself. There were my members, fans, and staff who cared for me around me, and I realized that with their care, I was able to work without any problems.
As I can’t turn back time, I’m making a lot of effort to not return to the way I used to be. I realized the heaviness of words and actions, and I will become a more mature person. In the future, as a leader of Red Velvet and a singer, I will not only show a good image, but also as the human being Bae Joo Hyun, I will try not to disappoint you.
I hope that somebody will no longer be criticized for what happened because of my inadequacy. It’s late, but happy new year.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. When I read it, it seemed like she was speaking to the fans rather than an apology. Anyway she apologized to the editor, I don’t want to curse at Irene

2. Irene, be happy this year~

3. Difference in communication method…? Didn’t she learn communication methods at school?

4. I guess news of Red Velvet’s comeback will be coming soon

5. This is not an apology, this is just a post for fans…

6. Does she know what she did wrong?

7. I don’t think she knows what she did wrong

8. Since her scandal, the public eye on Irene has really changed

9. I think everyone can make mistakes, I hope Irene will be more mature

10. I don’t feel her sincerity at all

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