Is Aespa lip synching even in the US?

I heard that they were the first Korean artist to perform on ‘The Nick Cannon Show’, so I checked out their video on YouTube, but I was so embarrassed because they were lip synching so brazenly
(They also lip-synced on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’…)

I don’t think it was a live performance, they just recorded it and turned on the VCR of the performance. They really have no sincerity…

Is it so difficult for a singer to sing live?
Why don’t they sing live if they say they’re talented?

Americans hate lip sync

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1. [+508, -22] They just lip sync every day, so they don’t get international recognition

2. [+448, -25] That’s why it’s difficult to get popular in the US. If you don’t perform live, you can’t get popular

3. [+409, -19] Lee Soo Man says lip synching is also a genre

4. [+135, -3] Why did they go to the US just to lip sync?

5. [+124, -5] Aespa fans need to stop shielding them.. They won’t perform live until they disband…