Is BTS really great?

Is BTS really great?

BTS Variety Chronicles‘, airing at 10PM on the 11th

This program will be an opportunity to look back on the history of BTS since their first stage to the SBS variety show that they guested. It will also show the interviews and reactions of the casts at the time.

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1. [+493, -36] I think they’re producing this because it will bring money since many people are gonna watch it

2. [+427, -118] If you don’t want to watch it, just don’t. Why are you complaining?

3. [+386, -53] I think it’s natural and they deserve this kind of treatment. But if it were me, I would be very pressured.

4. [+199, -21] Our country doesn’t know when to stop.

5. [+192, -1] BTS’ variety show without BTSㅋㅋㅋ I know they are doing this for ratings. But I’m uncomfortable as a fan.

6. [+189, -233] They are the first world star from Korea. This is natural.

7. [+144, -7] You’re thinking that Billboard is like Melon because a Korean artist is on the Billboard charts…? It was great when BTS ranked 1 on the Billboard charts. Not just 1 album but they have 2 ~ 3 albums like that. I heard that Boy With Luv is still on the Billboard chart. They also got ‘Top Group Award’ from the Billboard. They sold out stadium concerts with their world tours. Don’t you agree that they’re a living legend in the music industry?

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