Is ITZY’s song a flop this time…?

They should have released a song that beat Mafia…ㅠㅠ Or is it because the group’s vocals are still limited? Their voices are all low, even the main vocalist sings weak live… The members can’t even rap… The concept is limited

It’s funny how they release songs at 1pm on Friday… Do they think they’re BTS or BLACKPINK? Wake up JYP ㅠㅠ Please explain Lia’s controversy!!!

original post: pann

1. [+365, -18] Please explain Lia’s school violence controversy, please let Yuna be the center, change the coordi, change the music to teen-crush style… JYP needs to know how to listen to fans’ opinions. Since they deliberately ignore other people’s opinions, of course they will flop more and more. Yuna is pretty and stands out on stage but they keep experimenting with weird styles on her

2. [+291, -18] It’s been 3 years since their debut, don’t blame the agency or the music. It’s because they lack skills. ITZY’s strongest point is performance, but Lia still can’t dance well now. Except for Yuna, the other 4 have deep voices, so their voices don’t attract listeners. ITZY was originally a group strong in performance and choreography, but their choreography this time was not difficult. Their agency didn’t even explain Lia’s controversy. This result is natural. Don’t blame the agency or the coordi anymore

3. [+241, -4] Well, I guess it’s because they didn’t explain Lia’s controversy. I like ITZY since ICY, I was looking forward to ‘Mafia’ MV and I watched their MV too. I listened to this new song for the first time on a music show. Yuna, Chaeryeong, Yeji and Ryujin were all so pretty and I liked them, but I think JYP should give an explanation for Lia’s controversy

4. [+98, -2] Honestly, I wish they had released a refreshing song this time. I wish they had released a song like Dalla Dalla. I feel sorry for them

5. [+92, -2] I seriously don’t want to hear Lia’s voice every time I listen to their song