Isn’t TWICE’s line distribution a bit severe?

The members who had talks about being untalented were pushed to the back..

Momo, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung sang the minimum parts while Nayeon and Jihyo sang more than half of the song…

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1. [+570, -9] This is the best they can do. I mean, there was controversy over their ability to sing, so of course, they would decrease their parts. They have to push the talented members. Of course, ONCEs will be sad ㅛ

2. [+487, -7] But why is this severe? Of course they should be ranked based on talent, right? Rather, the better singers get more parts…

3. [+418, -3] In the comment section of their encore video, there were a lot of comments that these members should be pushed to the back..

4. [+261, -2] Nayeon should get paid more

5. [+179, -7] The company can’t help do this since the members can’t sing ㅠ

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