Is Yeri copying Jennie?

The styling, the selfie angle and even the posing

Yeri isn’t following anyone..

Even the foreign fans are saying that she looks like Jennie..

I don’t hate her. But it seems she’s copying Jennie

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1. [+762, -168] Anyone can say it’s similar;; You have to admit it

2. [+580, -184] Honestly, it’s true that she’s copying Jennie. But is copying a bad thing?

3. [+372, -48] Apparently Yeri has no individuality. She’s famous for copying Jennie and IU

4. [+303, -35] I don’t want to see it this way, but I think of Jennie when I see pictures of her

5. [+278, -60] Both are imitating Ariana Grande…

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