Interested in YG, Italian’s news shows BTS while talking about Burning Sun scandal

This is crazy

Why are they showing BTS while talking about Burning Sun scandal?

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1.????? Are they crazy?????

2. Are they crazy? Why put BTS in there?

3. Why are they so crazy? I really tired …

4. They should only show BTS performances to say it is Kpop. But they showed the police – Seungri – BTS’ face – the entrance to Burning Sun – BTS’ face – Yang Hyun Suk – BTS’ face. It’s too evil to show it this way.

5. Damn drugstore.

6. What are they doing? – It’s completely malicious.

7. Crazy;;; Don’t stick to BTS like this ㅡ ㅡ

8. The drug store is really scary and I hate it …

9. Huh … Looks like they don’t like Korea’s world-class BTS wave.

10. This issue is related to agencies, they show BTS in a completely unrelated case, causing damage to the agency by making misconceptions. It is racist.

11. This is crazy. It’s dirty. I hate real drug store.

12. No, what the hell?

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