ITZY from KCON with Lia in real time

original post: theqoo

1. Wow shameless

2. No, why does she keep showing up at events?? JYP, seriously, don’t go anywhere and talk about personality

3. I apologize to the other members, but now I hate the group too

4. JYP = DSP

5. Every time I see ITZY, Lia is so different from the other 4 members, but there is a reason..

6. I hate seeing her smile…

7. Lia fighting!! Don’t worry about malicious comments here

8. She looks so happy ㅋㅋ Only the victim is pitiful

9. Irene and she used to be so pretty, but now every time I see them, I get scared

10. I think ITZY will do better without Lia

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