ITZY, 2 trophies in a row on music shows… Who are their rival for rookie of the year?

ITZY has been recognized as the best rookie in 2019 since their debut and emerged as the No. 1 candidate for Rookie of the Year at various awards ceremonies.

But no one seems to be their rival for the rookie of the year at the awards ceremony this year.

original post: naver

1. [+87, -6] I’m sure they are rookie girl group of the year! Their record is overwhelming! The problem is that the candidates for male idol are fierce ~ Trust me~ This year, ITZY will definitely get rookie award of the year!

2. [+66, -2] I think this year’s male rookie award will be very competitive, but I’m sure ITZY will win the rookie girl group award this year.

3. [+47, -3] Best rookie in 2019 ITZY!!!!!

4. [+24, -2] Believe it or not, ITZY is the rookie of the year <3 I love and support Hwang Yeji <3

5. [+8, -1] So far, I’m pretty sure ITZY is rookie of the year. Not to mention music records and music videos. Just by looking at their stage you can see it.

6. [+5, -1] Obviously so

7. [+5, -2] They are rookie girl group of the year. I think rookie boy group of the year is TXT.

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