ITZY’s center!! Who do you think about first?






original post: theqoo

1. Ryujin

2. Yuna?

3. Yeji

4. The center is Ryujin

4. Ryujin always stands in the middle

5. I think JYP is pushing Ryujin as the center

6. Yeji

7. I think they’re pushing Ryujin, but Yuna is better

8. Ryujin or Yeji

9. Isn’t Shin Ryujin the center?

10. The center is Yeji. Ryujin doesn’t have many parts

11. The center of my heart is Yuna

12. Isn’t Yuna the center??? I could only see her on stage.

13. I don’t know who the center is, but Yeji always stands out on stage for me

14. Isn’t the center always in the middle? Ryujin always stands in the middle

15. Looks like the company decided that Ryujin was the center, but on stage, I think it’s great to see Yuna as the center

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