ITZY “ICY” Dance Practice

ITZY's members' dance skills in "ICY" Dance Practice

original post: theqoo

1. Seriously, it’s great.

2. Here, Ryujin seems to be using her hair very well.

3. I really like Chaeryeong’s dance, and I really like this choreography.

4. Great and cool.

5. Too great. They are really good at dancing. It’s really so hot.

6. All the members dance well. They have good body proportions and quite similar heights, so when they dance, they look really good.

7. I think they are the best dancers among girl groups now.

8. They dance very well and they are so pretty.

9. This choreography is a real hit

10. Do they have a long time of training? Dancing is not a joke. They are great dancers.

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