IZ*ONE, comeback in Japan on September 25 … 3rd single “Vampire”

IZ*ONE makes their Japan comeback with 3rd single before making their Korea comeback

IZ*ONE has announced that they will be releasing their 3rd Japanese single “Vampire” on September 25.

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1. [+73, -7] I always support you anytime, anywhere. I can’t help but wait, but please stay healthy. Most of all, WIZ*ONE cares about IZ*ONE’s health. Stay healthy without being hurt.

2. [+48, -4] Above all, IZ*ONE has a tight schedule, so stay healthy. I hope you take care of yourself.

3. [+37, -5] I’m afraid it’s hard. IZ*ONE is working hard, I always support you, I love you

4. [+31, -1] IZ*ONE, fighting!!! I’m sure everything’s going to be okay and cheer for you.

5. [+15, -0] Stay healthy for your activities, IZ*ONE fighting!

6. [+14, -2] Even if you’re active in Japan, we’ll cheer you on! Fighting!

7. [+22, -16] What about IZ*ONE’s comeback in Korea? Why Japan first…

8. [+5, -0] We will always support you! Just go on the flower road like now and cheer up because there’s WIZ*ONE! Good job, hard work, I love you.

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