IZ*ONE reached an agreement to resume their activities

CJ ENM stated, “In regards to IZ*ONE, our company and each of the agencies are all thinking positively about a resumption of their activities.”

The agencies have agreed that IZ*ONE will resume activities in January.

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1. [+1764, -317] I hope they don’t get hurt a second time due to unwarranted criticism

2. [+1608, -437] We support the resumption of IZ*ONE activities

3. [+1100, -231] We support IZ*ONE’s future activities.

4. [+1050, -209] Is this true??? If so, I’ll support them until the end.

5. [+970, -134] I support IZ*ONE for their safe return. I hope there are no more victims.

6. [+313, -33] It was Ahn Joon Young, who was guilty, but they didn’t have any articles or comments to blame him, and the kids didn’t do anything wrong, but they were constantly criticized. We support IZ*ONE to resume their activities.

7. [+242, -23] We support IZ*ONE to resume their activities.

8. [+203, -17] I respect the intentions of agencies and members. I hope they don’t get hurt anymore. I want CJ ENM to take responsibility and compensate the trainees who are affected.

9. [+183, -18] I support the activities of IZ*ONE members

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