IZ*ONE “One-reeler / Act IV” first week sales

original post: theqoo

1. Crazyㅋㅋ They sold 1.1 million copies in Korea this year

2. They released 3 albums this year, but they sold over 350,000 copies per album

3. Shouldn’t they be disbanded early next year?

4. The fandom is solid, but it’s a waste to think that they will be disbanded next year

5. The fans bought it, but muggles didn’t buy it. Looking at the music charts, their rankings were low

6. Is this their last album?

7. What does this mean? They can’t get the award anyway

8. Share profits for Han Chowon and Lee Gaeun

9. How much profit will they share with Han Chowon and Lee Gaeun?

10. Will there be another album next year?

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