IZ*ONE jacket group photos for 3rd Japanese single ‘Vampire’

original post: theqoo

1. The center is Sakura?

2. Why do you shorten the height of Jang Wonyoung?

3. Is Sakura the center in Japan?

4. Looking at Kim Minjoo’s body proportions… it’s crazy

5. Sakura’s outfit is not good.

6. I think Sakura is the center this time

7. Isn’t Kim Minjoo the center in Japan? Why is Sakura now?

8. What is your concept in Japan? They don’t look mature and their faces are childish, but the outfits are weird.

9. Why are beautiful girls dressed like this?

10. Yujin, why are you so big?

11. Sakura, why are you dressed like that?

13. I can only see Wonyoung and Minjoo.

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