IZ*ONE’s Sakura to sign a contract with Big Hit… Same agency as BTS

According to an exclusive media outlet report on March 11, IZ*ONE member Miyawaki Sakura has been approached by Big Hit Entertainment with the prospect of signing an exclusive artist contract!

Industry insiders reported on this day that those close to Miyawaki Sakura are aware of this news, and it’s highly likely that Sakura will accept Big Hit Entertainment’s offer. Some insiders also said that the IZ*ONE member is a strong candidate for Big Hit Entertainment’s upcoming new girl group. cr

original post: theqoo

1. Daebak

2. What? So, will she continue to work in Korea?

3. Big Hit is preparing for a girl group targeting Japan?

4. Isn’t it Big Hit Japan ??

5. Daebak, I like Sakura and I like Big Hit too.. I got goosebumps

6. But doesn’t Sakura have an agency in Japan? I’m not sure about this..

7. Is she more likely to join the girl group produced by Min Heejin? Ahh..

8. Wow, that’s good for Sakura..

9. Well, I’m looking forward to Min Heejin’s girl group…

10. Hul Sakura, congratulations

11. As expected from Bang Si Hyuk..

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