Jang Sung Kyu’s Instagram post regarding his comment on ‘Good morning FM’

During his radio show ‘Good morning FM’ on March 17th, he quizzed his listeners “What do Daft Punk and IZ*ONE have in common?” after playing the two songs of these two artists. He answered “They disbanded”

“I sincerely apologize to IZ*ONE and WIZONE for quizzing the question shown above(referring to the first image on his post) on my radio show earlier today. I have been thinking the most important trait of the radio DJ is being considerate of others. But I have read such a thoughtless question without any hesitation and I am truly ashamed of this action. I am even more ashamed I realized that I have been careless only after receiving many DM’s.

I reevaluated and I admit that I and our team have been inconsiderate of IZ*ONE members and WIZONEs. I am sorry.

I have been thinking of myself as a sensitive person who knows the basics but I saw I was actually turning into an arrogant person who forgets where he came from. I will work harder to become the person I want to be, a thoughtful and humble DJ.

I am sorry again.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. I don’t think he has to apologize..

2. Why does he have to apologize about this?

3. Disbandment is correct, but why are you guys denying the truth..??

4. It’s a real trash fandom

5. Why did he apologize??? Is that fandom crazy? The group should have disbanded sooner

6. Of course the fans will get angry, you won’t understand unless you are a fan

7. Their fandom is like a bully

8. I hate Z*ONE more because of their fans

9. Both the group and the fans are ugly…..

10. This is true, but I hate seeing them more because of what their fans do

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