Jannabi, surpassed BTS to rank #1 “One day I will never forget”

The title song of 2nd album ‘Legend‘ by Jannabifor lovers who hesitate‘ surpassed BTSBoy With Luv‘.

original post: naver

1.[+275, -12] Reporter, what is your purpose ~~ I watched a lot of performances these days.^^ I’m a fan of BTS, but I’m also listening to Jannabi’s songs. It’s good that good songs are ranked at the top. Everyone, fighting!

2. [+229, -15] In Korea, at this time, our country is more conservative and discriminatory than the United States, Britain and Germany. We like both BTS and Jannabi. This article is annoying.

3. [+171, -7] This is the musician recommended by Bangtan itself to listen to their song. This is not a competition between Bangtan, but it’s a win-win situation. Look at the title of the press.Don’t live like that as a journalist!

4. [+72, -10] Now the light is coming. I will support you Jannabi<3

5. [+56, -14] The power of good music

6. [+37, -0] I’m happy that many people seem to recognize Jannabi’s music!! Junghoon mentioned BTS many times and RM proposed Jannabi’s song, so I hope the two musicians will win!! Please refrain from provocative posts.

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