Japanese Idol “The Korean government supports BTS… If I had spoken English, I would have entered Billboard”

Yuya Tegoshi, former member of Japanese idol group NEWS, mentioned the secret of BTS and TWICE’s popularity

He said, “If we had worked hard in English and other languages like BTS and tried to reach out to the world with multi-national members like TWICE, NEWS or Johnny’s idols would have become #1 in Asia”

original post: theqoo

1. Was he not taught English in middle school and high school? I want to live in a nice country like this

2. But only one BTS member speaks English well. That’s the worst reason I’ve ever seen

3. If I had studied hard and my parents pushed me, I would have made a lot of money now

4. Well, if I had spoken English, I would have gone to Harvard

5. No… Even if you’re Korean, you won’t be as successful as BTS…^^

6. Before BTS spoke at the UN, many people didn’t know that RM is very good at English

7. He should also learn English by watching Friends!

8. It’s because you’re ugly, you can’t sing, you can’t dance, and you can’t speak English…

9. It’s funny that they still think that BTS and TWICE are Korean government projects.. Are they stupid?

10. It’s not Korea pushing BTS but BTS pushing Korean economy and cultureㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ