Japanese rookie girl group members who receive positive reactions these days

Lightsum Hina

Billlie Tsuki

Billlie Hiruna


Kep1er Hikaru

Kep1er Mashiro

original post: theqoo

1. Rei is seriously so cute

2. Wow, Tsuki is like a Korean girl, she’s so cute

3. This is my first time seeing them except Rei

4. Wow, these kids suit the Korean style so well! They are all so pretty

5. Well, I thought Hiruna and Rei were the same person

6. Rei seems to be really popular on Twitter

7. Mashiro is so good on stage and I like her

8. I only know Rei, but they are all cute and pretty!!

9. I only know Tsuki and Rei, but the other members are cute too. I hope everyone do well~!

10. The Japanese members are much better than the Chinese members!!