It’s true that Jennie’s body is insane, why do people keep criticising it

In the comments of a post about Jennie on Talker’s Choice, people talked about how she ‘has no pelvis, has no curves, would have the body of an elementary school kid if she lived in the West’

But doesn’t having such a slim waist and thin body make a good figure? Having a sexy body and a pretty and nice body are two different things. Jennie’s body is pretty and nice.

original post: pann

1. [+239, -60] Do you believe that? BLACKPINK members all have insane figures

2. [+233, -45] All four of their figures are so f*cking insane

3. [+184, -31] What elementary school kid has such angular shoulders and slim waist??

4. [+148, -119] Even if a Korean sees that photo, it looks like an elementary school kid;

5. [+103, -31] Jennie’s waist

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