Jennie’s Instagram shocking state right now

BTS V followed Jennie but then unfollowed

And this is Jennie’s current Instagram state

She was attacked by BTS foreign fans

original post: pann

1. [+608, -23] Jennie didn’t do anything but BTS fans are messing things up

2. [+421, -31] I think Jennie should turn off comments. Seeing her get attacked, I feel bad for her

3. [+354, -3] Everyone knows that Jennie did nothing wrong. I bet foreign fans will attack her all the time, but seriously, why are they like that?

4. [+267, -1] V is the one who followed her, why did you tell Jennie to leave him alone? Seriously, why are you guys like that?

5. [+221, -419] Just looking at the post, I bet you want people to hate on ARMYs