Jeon Somi released ‘Birthday’ music video

original post: theqoo

1.SOMI is a person who shines in a group, not solo ..? Sounds good, but it seems a little something western music.

2. Very good song.

3. Melodies are good and good song but there are too many English.

4. Even if the oufits are strange, all are suitable.

5. I’m not sure if this is the way she should go.

6. It is like an American song.

7. There is no part to get into your ears, you don’t get choreography, you feel bored and tired when you hear to the end.

8. Absolutely good!! I really think it would be better if she appeared in a group, but I could see that she rap and dance very well, the song was chosen well, and the style was not good, but the stage costumes would be good than.

9. Dancing and rap are fine but I’m tired of her voice …

10. Much better than I expected.

11. It looks like it will be fine because the pop song is very strong on the charts these days.

12. This is not my favorite song, but Somi is so pretty.

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