Jeon Somi wears a dress similar to Red Velvet Seulgi’s dress

Red Velvet Seulgi’s outfit yesterday


original post: theqoo

1.Anyway, Somi’s outfit looks better … What the hell is going on with Seulgi?

2. I think it would be better to wear a dress like the way Somi wore it …

3. Somi looks better, but the dress is not beautiful

4. Strictly speaking, it is a wise reform of the same dress and has a version of it separately .. Seulgi = the upper part is placed below and Somi = the upper part is placed on the top.

5. Somi is good at digesting weird outfits

6. I think Somi looks better, but who created that weird outfit?

7. Somi’s coordi seems to be okay because coordi has a wise look … and coordi knows what to do to make Somi look better with that outfit.

8. If you wear a dress like Somi, you’ll be fine when dancing.

9. Somi looks good? It is because of the beautiful face.

10. It was the same dress, but Somi looked a bit more natural and beautiful.