Jeon Somi’s debut solo stage ‘BIRTHDAY’ on Music Core

Jeon Somi's debut solo stage 'BIRTHDAY' received bad response

original post: theqoo

1.Why does she look awkward …? She doesn’t even have a good stage.

2. She should be in a group.

3. Does she not invest too much on the first stage? She was dumbfounded and she was lip-syncing.

4. It’s so simple that I don’t understand why she chose this as her first solo song …

5. Well … it looks better when she’s in a group rather than solo .. SOMI is very worried.

6. SOMI seems very stressful.

7. Somi is so prettyㅋㅋ I think she’s worried.

8. The stage is too boring;

9. Below expectations

10. SOMI seems to worry about this song and concept.

11. Good song, but the stage is really messy.

12. Good song. I have heard it once and that’s the chorus. But the choreography is not good for the stage.

13. I want her to change her outfit, change her appearance more strongly and dance decisively.

14. Good song, but to sing live this song is hard. This is not a song to sing live.

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