Jeon Somi’s ‘Lamborghini SUV’ is not hers

Jeon Somi's 'Lamborghini SUV' is not hers

On March 28, Jeon Somi’s new reality series “I Am Somi” aired its first episode online. In a sneak peek of next week’s show that aired at the end of the episode, Jeon Somi could be seen sitting in the driver’s seat of a bright yellow Lamborghini Urus. The idol rolled the window down and waved to the camera, exclaiming, “I’ve upgraded to a yellow car!”

As the Lamborghini in question costs a whopping 256 million won (approximately $209,670), the 10-second scene caused a stir online, with many viewers speculating that Jeon Somi had purchased the car for herself.

However, on March 30, The Black Label clarified, “The car that Jeon Somi is riding in Episode 1 of ‘I Am Somi’ is not Jeon Somi’s car. More information about [the car] will be provided in Episode 2.” cr

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1. [+2627, -352] If you see a young person driving a nice car, all you have to think is “they must have worked hard since childhood to be able to drive a nice car”, and if you see someone driving a nice car because they have rich parents, all you have to think is “I may not be able to afford that for my own child but I will continue to work hard to be a good parent to my children”

2. [+1817 -178] Why is this so important? How is this considered exclusive news? If you’re a normal person, you shouldn’t even care whether that’s her car or not. It’s not like it’s illegal for her to own that car, so what’s the issue here?

3. [+1052, -82] The YouTube channel succeeded in promoting itself

4. [+35, -10] Why is this controversial whether she owns it or not?

5. [+31, -19] Koreans: Expects celebrities to live the same $1,800 a month lifestyle as themselves

6. [+26, -9] I don’t understand why this is important enough to be the #1 in search terms..

7. [+18, -20] Who is Jeon Somi???

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