Jeong Jinwoon <3 Kyungri have been dating for two years … Even through military service

Jeong Jinwoon and Kyungri reported to be dating for 2 Years
Jeong Jinwoon and Kyungri reported to be dating for 2 Years

SBS funE cited several industry sources and reported that Jeong Jiwoon and Kyungri began dating in 2017.

One source shared, “Every time Jeong Jinwoon was on break from the military, he enjoyed public dates with Kyungri without minding other people’s attention. They’re serious about each other.” cr

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1. [+3403, -328] Kyungri can do x1000000 better

2. [+2344, -97] Why would you date a member of Kakaotalk room?

3. [+1549, -62] Jeong Jinwoon wasn’t in the Burning Sun Kakaotalk room but another one for a broadcast show. The problem is that they were sharing illegal videos in that room too, which meant he saw the messages. He’s no different from them.

4. [+1280, -67] Upvote if you think Kyungri can do better!!

5. [+1091, -93] Isn’t Jeong Jinwoon a member of Jung Joon Young’s Kakaotalk room??

6. [+380, -10] Nevermind the Kakaotalk room stuff, it seems like they started dating right after he broke up with Yeeun ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+329, -26] He broke up with Wonder Girls Yeeun in April 2018 but they’ve been dating for two years? They broke up in April after 4 years of dating, did he change his heart? Kyungri-ya, you can do better, don’t date him ㅠㅠ

8. [+255, -15] Jeong Jinwoon is the person who watched r*pe videos in Jung Joon Young’s Kakaotalk room, why isn’t he in jail?

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