Ji Chang Wook discharge from military service today

On April 27, Ji Chang Wook completed his military service at the 5th Army Brigade.

Ji Chang Wook appeared with a more striking appearance and smiled brightly as soon as he saw the fans waiting for him everywhere.

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1.[+369, -85] Wow, you’re even better!! Congratulations

2. [+348, -76] Isn’t that the actor who took the picture with Madam Lin?

3. [+168, -28] I like all the comments.

4. [+175, -40] You’re still too handsome~~^^<3<3

5. [+134, -33] I believe, Ji Chang Wook! Congratulations on your maturity! I look forward to your great acting! Just go on the flower path.

6. [+70, -15] Why do all the comments smell like that?

7. [+72, -24] Congratulations on your discharge. I’ve been waiting for you.

8. [+60, -15] But he is..

9. [+45, -10] You’re not going to the club as soon as you’re discharged, are you?

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