BTS Jimin fans donate to pediatric cancer patients to celebrate his 25th birthday

On BTS Jimin’s 25th birthday, the Philippine fan community has announced ‘Promise Charity Project’ to help pediatric cancer patients.

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1. [+202, -14] Fans who support angels Jimin are also angels. Thanks for the good influence of BTS Jimin, I think we can create a desirable fan culture.

2. [+133, -3] Jimin’s good influence has led to his fans’ support for pediatric cancer patients from the Philippines fan community. Like Jimin, he’s always warm, friendly. Thank you Jimin fans who are working well. Thanks Jimin and love you all the time.

3. [+129, -3] Angel Jimin. His popularity goes back to those in need with good influence. Thank you so much and I love you~ BTS’ greatest treasure, Jimin~

4. [+104, -3] Celebrating Jimin’s birthday, meaningful events and good deeds are planned and implemented around the world. Not only an idol star has a good influence, but also a high level of awareness among fans who lead the fan culture.

5. [+93, -3] BTS Jimin fans are expressing their pretty hearts like Jimin!!! It’s so cool!

6. [+15, -0] BTS Jimin fans are great, lovely and warm. I’m so proud of you all. Fighting!

7. [+14, -0] Jimin’s angelic heart brightens the whole world.

8. [+12, -0] Jimin fans are also getting warm. Thanks for your donations.

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