Jisoo ‘BLACKPINK debuted 1000 days, thank you’

Jisoo 'BLACKPINK debuted 1000 days, thank you'

Jisoo posted on her instagram on the 4th. “We’ve debuted for 1000 days. Thanks for being with us all the time. The longer the time, the more beautiful memories we create. Thanks and always love you.”

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1.[+77, -3] I think Jisoo grew up with lots of love. Always smiling, positive, lovely, it’s good to see that

2. [+49, -1] Wow, she’s super pretty, and she even has a good personality. Congratulations on your 1000th day

3. [+34, -1] Positive, funny, and playful. Jisoo, thank you for always thinking about us. BLACKPINK is the best.

4. [+33, -3] You’re good. You’re good.

5. [+32, -2] From the perspective of aesthetics and science, Jisoo is the most beautiful. Always smiling, good personality, positive. What is missing? In this tour, Jisoo has started Live to be stable. Jisoo is the best

6. [+5, -0] Congratulations on the 1000th day.

7. [+8, -4] Une princesse

8. [+4, -0] Pretty Jisoo

9. [+3, -0] Congratulations on your debut 1,000th day.

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