Jisoo vs Hwasa, the same clothes but different vibe

original post: naver

1. [+644, -173] Wow, I love it when Jisoo stylist matches that black dress with a white handbag and shoes. BLACKPINK Jisoo is a goddess.

2. [+445, -65] What’s wrong with the comments? Each one is attractive.

3. [+388, -162] Jisoo looks elegant and luxurious.

4. [+152, -51] Jisoo is pure and elegant, and Hwasa is unique and sexy.

5. [+151, -59] Wow, when you look at pictures of articles in Hwasa’s clothes, how does she really digest that style? Any outfit she wants to wear feels just right for her.

6. [+227, -148] BLACKPINK Jisoo fits all clothes well. Her black dress goes well with her white skin. She’s so pretty.

7. [+201, -129] BLACKPINK Jisoo defines perfection.

8. [+139, -73] Hwasa is so cool ㅠ She’s the queen of fashion~

9. [+144, -105] BLACKPINK Jisoo’s face, body and skin are perfect for black dresses. I mean, all clothes look good on her. Human luxury.

10. [+85, -49] Hwasa is like a queen.