Jisoo’s acting in Snowdrop

original post: theqoo

1. I think her acting is fine, but her voice is so bad

2. Her voice..? What is she saying? I can’t watch without subtitles

3. What is she saying?? Please give me subtitles

4. She looks so pretty, but God didn’t give her a voice that was suitable for acting

5. She doesn’t have any basic skills.. I guess she didn’t have any training and was just acting

6. Why is her voice like that?

7. It’s not like a drama, it’s like a vcr

8. Her acting is fine but her voice is bad, hopefully the drama will flop

9. Why is she playing the lead role when she can’t even act?

10. I like Jisoo, her expressions seem fine, but her voice… I can’t understand what she’s talking about