Jo Kwon, “Whether celebrity soldiers perform in musicals or do other things, there aren’t any who don’t suffer and serve lavishly”

Jo Kwon denies that celebrity soldiers get a lot more perks than other soldiers
Jo Kwon denies that celebrity soldiers get a lot more perks than other soldiers

“Since I have been receiving so much attention, it finally feels like I have been discharged from the military.

Regardless of whether I enlisted early or late, I have healthily, confidently, and safely completed my service. I have made unforgettable memories with the management of the military band and my fellow senior and junior soldiers. It’s not about who has a harder time and has to work more but about doing the best as a soldier for the Republic of Korea to fulfill our duty of defending our country. Whether it’s the military band, the infantry, the drivers, the mess personnel, the front line, the home front, or a soldier in a musical as a celebrity, I can say as someone who has been to the military that there is no soldier who slacks off and doesn’t work hard for their country. As someone who has been through it all, I see the accusations that I’ve slacked off as simply sickening. Having enlisted during the heat, I’ve received many questions about whether I have actually trained since my skin hasn’t been tanned. Compared to others, my skin is paler and tends to burn rather than tan. That being said, the army is where many different people of Korea gather and solidify a sense of comradeship.

I think there was room for misinterpretation through the broadcast, but I think I have done well during my military life. I can’t help but post [on Instagram] after being touched by all the posts from my fellow soldiers.

I’m used to being judged based on what people can see on the outside so it’s okay. I’m just very thankful for everyone who has spent my military life with me.” cr

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1. [+3542, -310] But the truth is you guys are treated easier

2. [+3183, -284] Celebrities like him won’t shut up unless they try serving in the search troops

3. [+2995, -207] Celebrities get a lot more perks than the average active duty soldiers

4. [+188, -10] But that’s what celebrity perks are.. While the other soldiers were outside working seriously, training and constructing, celebrity soldiers were playing instruments and singing

5. [+172, -11] The fact that you’re a celebrity means that other senior ranks would have a difficult time approaching you, that’s what we mean by celebrity soldiers having it easier than others…

6. [+157, -9] Celebrity soldiers have more priority than other soldiers…

7. [+156, -19] Women might believe what you write but how can you write this knowing that there are men out there who were once soldiers and know the truth?

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