JTBC “Snowdrop”, EP 3~5’s special airing… It will lessen the worries surrounding the distortion of history

JTBC announces that episodes 3~5 of ‘Snowdrop’ will all be aired this week to ‘clarify misunderstandings’

original post: theqoo

1. Disgusting, they are really shameless

2. Chinese money is scary. I guess they will air the last episode of the drama next week

3. They’d better schedule a press conference to apologize publicly at this point

4. Stop it, I’m not curious

5. Damn… We should boycott the cast

6. They take Chinese money and are distorting our democratic history

7. They really are trash

8. Crazy.. I want you to cancel it right now

9. I really hate it, looks like they’re saying they can’t cancel it

10. F*ck.. Let’s boycott JTBC