BTS to consider legal action against their agency over profit sharing

JTBC reports BTS is considering legal action against Big Hit over profit sharing

In shocking news, it has been reported by JTBC that BTS is considering filing a lawsuit against their own agency, Big Hit Entertainment over the idea of profit sharing between the group and the company.

According to the exclusive report by JTBC, a law firm received a new case for review just last week. The case featured BTS going against their own agency, Big Hit Entertainment. After verifying the report, JTBC stated that the case filed was due to a profit sharing issue with Big Hit.

BTS has exploded into global popularity, with their global sales reaching ₩200 billion KRW ($167,933,162 USD) in 2018. The group renewed their 7-year contracts in October 2018, and it is estimated that the group will be valued more than ₩1 trillion KRW ($839,665,810 USD) in the future.

At the time of the contract re-signing, Big Hit Entertainment said they would form a 100 member team to take care of BTS’s activities, needs, and other things. However, according to a source close to BTS, there was conflict between BTS and Big Hit Entertainment about the profit sharing between the group and the company, even before they decided to re-sign their contracts.

In the end, the two sides failed to reconcile their differences in opinion for profit sharing, and the case has gone to legal review.

In response, Big Hit Entertainment released a short statement, denying such a case happening.

We have nothing to say except that the reports are not true. – Big Hit Entertainment cr

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1. The legal review is not necessarily a lawsuit~~ It’s the responsibility of the lawyer to review the contract to see if there is a problem.

2. I’m curious. If they re-signed their contract last year, why did they ask for advice from a law firm last week?

3. I hope everything is fine

4. Wow, JTBC turns advice into legal action, right?

5. I don’t know what the problem with Bangtan is, but it’s common to modify and check the contract before the original contract takes effect.

6. Tell me this is not the second TVXQ … I hope this is not true.

7. I think this is the last legal advice to check the content of the contract before the new contract takes effect. It’s natural to ask for advice to make sure because they’re not experts.

8. This is not a lawsuit. This is legal advice … JTBC is crazy

9. This year is noisy for Bangtan … What’s wrong with this?

10. What is this?… This predicts a hit comeback for Bangtan next year

11. JTBC is just trash….. Who believes in JTBC?

‘News Room’ BTS is considering legal action against Big Hit “conflict over profit sharing”

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1. [+778, -67] Let me break this down for you. Last year, at the time of their contract renewal, Bangtan consulted a law firm to check if their terms of profit sharing were fair. The media is currently choosing to take that piece of information into the spotlight. Basically, there’s nothing to worry about here. All we have to do is trust in what the seven members of Bangtan say and follow their words. Don’t let the wave sweep you in.

2. [+432, -25] There’s no legal action, it was a legal consult.

3. [+453, -70] The fact that this from JTBC doesn’t make me trust it. They’re going to be in trouble if it’s found that they were making up lies about BTS.

4. [+299, -26] Big Hit, you better be treating BTS right.

5. [+240, -18] Please don’t write the news if you’re not sure of the facts.. Why is it that anything regarding BTS makes the media think it’s okay to put things out without checking the facts first?

6. [+98, -3] Basically, this is a three part combination of issues with the law firm leaking private client information over a ‘legal advice’, the media choosing to put that news with provocative headlines to bait attention, and Big Hit for not giving the members enough belief that their contracts were fair, leading them to seek legal consultation in the first place..ㅋㅋ

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