JTBC’s official statement regarding ‘Snowdrop’

“JTBC will be revealing our statement regarding the drama Snowdrop once more. Even after our statement regarding Snowdrop was released, the critique and speculation has continued and we are delivering a revised statement in order to sort out these misunderstandings.

The controversy started due to one-sided information that combined the incomplete synopsis as well as a portion of the character introductions that had been leaked. Doubts expounded on these fragmented information while contents that were false were circulated as if they were true. Of course, this responsibility falls on the production team that failed to strictly keep these materials, that have yet to be refined, under wraps.

As such, JTBC will reveal a portion of the contents of Snowdrop and ask for your understanding.

1.Regarding the problem of disparaging the Democratic Movement, Snowdrop is not a drama that deals with the Democratic Movement. There is no set-up that has the male and female lead participating or leading the Democratic Movement. On the other hand, a character who is unfairly accused and suppressed as a spy during the military regime in the 80s will appear.

2.Snowdrop uses the background and theme of 1987’s political situation surrounding the presidential election and not the Democratic Movement. A fictional story will be told surrounding the military regime, the National Security Agency and how they possess vested interests, conspiring with the North Korean dictatorship to maintain power.

3.Under this backdrop, the main characters that appear are a North Korean agent and a National Security Agent that chases after him. They will not be characters that represent their own government or organizations. They are characters that will highlight the unscrupulous greed for power to reform the regime, as well as a critical view of the National Security Agency that actively supports this. As so, the criticism that Snowdrop is romanticizing espionage and the National Security Agency is irrelevant.

4.Regarding the description of the National Security Agent as “upright” is because he refused a powerful role domestically. Rather, he is disillusioned by his colleagues who have made it so that it evades the (NSA’s original purpose) of catching spies. Instead, he takes up an overseas role as a Black Agent. He also is someone who sticks to his principles and will see whatever he thinks is right to the end, while turning his back on the corrupt organization.

5.The character in the drama with the name “Chun Young Cho” has no relevance to the revered “Chun Young Cho”. However, we will be changing the name of the female lead due to the critique that is associates her (with the drama).

Based on the information above, we request that from now on, you will refrain from spreading and leading public opinion based on false information as if they were true. We hope that it will be acknowledged that such actions will cause severe damage and diminute the many creators that strive to make a good piece of work.

JTBC will do its best so as to receive good reviews through our complete drama.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Well, they want this drama to be like Joseon Exorcist…

2. The more I read, the more I don’t know what they’re talking about ㅋㅋㅋ

3. Just stop this drama

4. Disgusting

5. I guess they think we are idiots

6. So that means the drama will be aired..?

7. What is this official statement? Are you kidding? Do you think viewers are ignorant?

8. The producer team needs to study Korean history right away

9. Wow, after reading the statement, this drama should really be banned from broadcasting

10. I don’t understand even when I read the statement

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