“No rent reduction…”… Jun Ji Hyun under suspicion of exaggerating her ‘kind landlord’ news

Jun Ji Hyun under suspicion of exaggerating her 'kind landlord' news

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1. [+6327, -99] She doesn’t deserve hate for not lowering the rent but she shouldn’t have media played herself as a kind landlord

2. [+5014, -573] I always thought positive of Jun Ji Hyun but I think she’s too stingy to donate. It’s not right for a celebrity that relies on popularity from the public.

3. [+4438, -330] As expected from Wang Ji Hyunㅋㅋㅋ She should learn from Suzy and IU

4. [+507, -9] She owns 87 billion won in real estate…………………………….. ㄷㄷㄷ But she only gave two stores a 5% rent discount. Jun Ji Hyun has never been the type of person who donates a lot. Whenever something happens, it’s always been people like Kim Soo Hyun who went first and then Jun Ji Hyun following behind with a donation as if she had no other choice

5. [+427, -13] Chinese blood in her, so what do you expect?

6. [+409, -9] Remember when she started getting comments about not donating to corona so she did it the next day

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