Jun Ji Hyun’s recent situation is really shocking…

‘Mount Jiri’ teaser has been released

13 years ago


original post: theqoo

1. Why isn’t she getting old? I’m the only one getting old

2. She’s so f*cking pretty!! Her acting is good too!

3. She’s just a vampire

4. Even when she gets old, she’s still a goddess

5. I love Jun Ji Hyun so much, I really love her pure and natural vibe

6. I still think Jun Ji Hyun is the prettiest no matter how old she is

7. She looks older, but she looks more elegant

8. Do you think she’s in her 40s? My parents are in their 40s, but she looks a lot younger than my parents…

9. I’m not surprised… She will be pretty even if she becomes a grandmother

10. Again, I’m the only one getting old