Jung Eunchae x Han Hyo Joo, “cosmetic event at Burning Sun? Not participating -> legal action”

Jung Eun Chae and Han Hyo Joo denying rumors regarding 'Burning Sun'

This comes after the May 4 episode of SBS’s “Unanswered Questions,” in which one source alleged that a cosmetics brand sponsoring Burning Sun held a dinner gathering at the club and reserved around 20 VIP tables.

The source claimed that during the event, “An actress in her 30s, ‘A,’ hit people who were greeting her with a light stick. Those who were assaulted were in their 40s and 50s.” The actress’s eyes were said to be bloodshot, suggesting drug use.

Jung Eun Chae and Han Hyo Joo denying rumors regarding 'Burning Sun'

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1.[+1116, -39] Han Hyo Joo, let’s just do the drug test~!!

2. [+532, -4] Try it… and make it clear. If you don’t do anything wrong, they will not punish you. If you do, they will punish you. I hope you will file a complaint and be investigated to clarify your suspicions.

3. [+398, -15] Every time, first is legal action

4. [+338, -16] Han Hyo Joo’s management agency is also funny. Suspected of originating from the broadcast, people are reacting to the allegations?? If you sue, you must sue ‘Unanswered Questions’??

5. [+246, -20] I don’t know about Jung Eunchae, but I feel like Han Hyo Joo is going to do that.

6. [+159, -6] Park Yoochun even have a press conference to say no… Now, I’m not to be fooled anymore