Jung Eunji easily sing Taeyeon’s song

From 50th seconds

‘Rain’ famous for this part is often overlooked when singing Karaoke

The original song is still a recording, so it’s a bit high

Who is the better of the two? I don’t mean to compare

Jung Eunji’s vocal skills?

original post: theqoo

1.Eunji is easy to sing high notes.

2. Taeyeon singing live is not good.

Rep: Do you really listen to Taeyeon live …? I went to Taeyeon’s concert and she always sang better live than the recording.

3. You say that you don’t mean to compare, but it’s a comparison.

4. If I’m a fan of Jung Eunji, I will be very angry

Rep: Taeyeon’s fans will be more discomfort

5. Taeyeon has a weak and low voice, so she still worries when she sings live.

6. I think it’s a war for children …

7. I think both have their strengths … They are good singers and have good balance.

8. If you write something like this in a community, it will react. I don’t know why, but it’s a comparison.

9. Oh, and I heard both of them sing live, but both are good. They cann’t compare, they are different.

10. You said that Taeyeon is one of the singers who is more appreciated than her true talent. You are trying to oppose the opinions of music industry experts and seniors. I don’t want to say this to the keyboard expert, and I don’t want to compare them to each other. It’s crazy to live in a competitive society.

11. Eunji is just singing a good song. You should not do that. You should not compare and try to beat someone.

12. Jung Eunji is good, she has good vocal skills.

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