“Jung Joonyoung’s Lawyer”, Created False Statement Regarding His Hidden Camera Accusations in 2016

Jung Joonyoung Lawyer Admits To Forging Fake Statements Regarding His Hidden Camera Accusations in 2016

Singer Jung Joonyoung’s lawyer wrote a false statement at the time of the incident of his ex-girlfriend hidden camera in 2016, SBS reports.

On SBS ‘8 News’ reveals on the 14th “Jung Joonyoung’s lawyer confirmed that he wrote ‘false statement’ at the time of his ex-girlfriend’s case in 2016.”

Jung Joonyoung received a summoning notice after he was sued by his ex-girlfriend for filming hidden cameras in 2016. After that, he decided to give his phone to a private forensic company.

Jung Joonyoung did not submit his cell phone to the police. His side also demanded that the forensic company do not pursue the task claiming that “the victim has dropped her charges against him”. SBS reveals that they have demanded the forensic company to “embellish it saying it’s impossible to perform forensics on this case”.

When the forensic company did not agree with the proposition, Jung Joonyoung’s lawyer submitted a false written statement to the police. The police commented, “We received a reply from the company claiming it was impossible to restore the mobile phone’s data, and that the phone was broken (lost) so it was impossible to submit it.”
But forensic companies have repeatedly confirmed that they have never replied that it is impossible to back up the phone.

An independent lawyer Mr. Bang Junghyun criticized the event saying “They (forensic company) have never issued the confirmation, yet they (JJY’s side) released the papers as if they have confirmed it”

Eventually, the case was concluded without any charge.

The lawyer’s spokesperson Huyoon said, “It is possible to take disciplinary against that lawyer in accordance with the law for forgery of official documents.”

SBS side tried to contact Jung Junyoung’s lawyer several times, but said that he cannot be contacted

Jung Joonyoung Lawyer Admits To Forging Fake Statements Regarding His Hidden Camera Accusations in 2016

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1.[+81, -1] That lawyer should be uncertified

2. [+21, -0] Laws are so hilarious… They study Korean laws, become a lawyer then turns the law into a joke and make money off it, their life is an irony…

3. [+9, -1] There are so many trash lawyers out there… Just for winning their client’s side, they are ready to create false reports and forge statements…. Isn’t fighting for justice the least you guys can do???? You lawyers from that big C-company….You guys are embarrassing…~~~!!!!

4. [+8, -0] Those lawyers like him should be uncertified!

5. [+8, -1] I bet they’re showing off to their colleagues and giggling over who has the biggest person to defend behind their backs. Now you guys have to pay the price for it.

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