Jung Joonyoung Pours Excrement Water On 1N2D… We Couldn’t Protect “Remember This Member Forever”

Jung Joonyoung ruins 1N2D
Jung Joonyoung ruins 1N2D
Jung Joonyoung ruins 1N2D

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1.[+6,574, -103] #JangJaYeon #JangJaYeon incident #JangJaYeonIncident Statute of limitation

2. [+3,199, -130] Can you guys all see how they’re embracing him in that last picture? This program is at fault for re-establishing his image. During that scene, he swore that he wasn’t going to cause another controversy and they all went to embrace his fcking oba bullsht like that. In not only 4 months later, he’s caught again filming hidden cameras? But yet they still kept him on the show. Either they just can’t do anything to manage him, or they knew but they decided to overlook, it’s one of the 2 for sure. In the end, 1N2D is responsible

3. [+2196, -291] Jung Joonyoung is indeed at fault, but it felt like we’re focusing way too much about him only… This is not the point of this controvery

4. [+1,037, -23] He seriously poured poop on the show, they shouldn’t have accepted his apology to start with

5. [+798, -41] Can we stop having his article on the main page and write the others’ articles please Naver f*cker

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