The context of Jung Joonyoung’s Kakao Talk conversation

Jung Joonyoung’s Kakao Talk conversation surfaced online
Jung Joonyoung’s Kakao Talk conversation surfaced online

Jung Joonyoung: I slept with XX
Kim XX : Are there any videos?
Jung Joonyoung: (sends a file)
Jung Joonyoung: I did it in (Sangga could mean shopping center and mourning house, but it’s definitely a public place). I must be a trash.

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1.Kim XX is a commoner..?

2. Whoa, he’s really a trash..

3. Whoa.. That’s nastyㅋ

4. He knows that he’s a trash..ㅋㅋㅋ

5. No one cares if you’re having any sexual intercourse as long as both parties are fine with it^^ The problem is, why did you take videos of it and spread it online..

6. Hul.. That’s crazy..

7. Whoa.. I was watching the news and this shocked me really hard..

8. Ah.. That’s really shocking..

9. That’s so freaking disgusting.. I think I’m gonna throw up..

10. Is that the Jung Joonyoung that I know..??

11. Huk.. Is this even real..??

12. This came up on the news..??? I kept telling myself it wasn’t him, though..

13. Why are there no other informations regarding Kim XX surfaced online yet..?

14. Sangga.. As in mourning house or shopping center..?
ㄴI think it’s the shopping center.
ㄴRight..? If he did that in a mourning house then he must be out of his mind..

15. This is so freaking disgusting that I can’t even cuss anymore..

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