Jung Yong Guk, BLACKPINK Jennie’s manager illegally parked -> ” No intention of backbiting … sorry “

Jung Yong Guk said that he did not intend to speak ill of BLACKPINK Jennie

Jung Yong Guk said: “I apologize if I bring unintended damage due to the content of the broadcast”, he said through a media on May 7, “I have no intention of defaming someone.”

Jung Yong Guk said that he did not intend to speak ill of BLACKPINK Jennie

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1.[+4637, -41] The irony is that the person accusing the illegal act is the one who apologized.

2. [+2234, -16] I told you that you were wrong, and I have to say sorry.

3. [+2034, -34] Is this what Jung Yong Guk should apologize for? He’s having a hard time with the drugstore and its fans.

4. [+1747, -87] Why is it wrong to report illegal parking? Did Jennie really not know? Jennie did it wrong, too.

5. [+1212, -6] Do you have to apologize for this?

6. [+365, -2] No, why does the victim apologize… 1. The manager’s illegal parking 2. They suggest him cook it in advance, not in the usual way at the store. Why did you apologize for what?

7. [+330, -0] Wow, the fans are crazy. If the manager stops his car in an illegal parking area, it makes sense to criticize the manager. Do you know that kids like you have created monsters like Seungri or Jung Joon-young today? It’s good to cheer on celebrities who are getting better, but to be aware that pointing out the wrong side is the job of the fans…

8. [+236, -2] YG is from the beginning. They don’t know how horrible the law is.

9. [+204, -4] BLACKPINK is increasingly popular. Even if it is illegal. Their fans are garbage

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