Just how many times does JYP mention personality?

On the survival show for TWICE’s debut

Stray Kids’ survival show

On the variety show ‘All The Butlers’

JYP’s Japanese survival show for Niziu Project

Healing Camp

On the audition program he’s doing with Psy’s company

“Why are you so bad Jinyoung-ah!”

“Jinyoung-ah Jinyoung-ah”

original post: theqoo

1. If he thinks personality is the most important, then just kick the controversial idols out

2. Stop talking about personality

3. His words and actions are so different

4. But in fact, Park Jin Young is rightㅋㅋ I just don’t understand why he didn’t kick those idols out

5. JYP proves they’re a company on the same level as DSP…

6. He’s shameless

7. Then just kick Hyunjin and Lia out of JYP

8. But the past of idols is not something that Park Jin Young can change

9. Looks like money means personality

10. The proof he doesn’t have eyes to discern personalities

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