JYP Entertainment’s official statement regarding GOT7’s contract renewal (all members will be leaving JYP)

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. JYP talked deeply with the GOT7 members as their contract is ending on January 19th. As a result, both sides decided not to renew the contract. GOT7 has been working hard as a global idol group representing K-pop ever since they debuted back on January 16th, 2014. We thank GOT7 for being with K-pop and JYP Entertainment as it grew, as well as IGOT7 for being the strength behind GOT7’s activities. Our official relationship is over, but JYP will continue to support GOT7 and their future. Thank you.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. My youth! I love you. Be happier in the future! I will support you💚

2. Thanks, I love GOT7

3. It’s a pity, but I will support GOT7 members’ activities in the future

4. I’m not a fan but I will support GOT7!! I hope everyone is happy and just walk on the flower road

5. GOT7 fighting!! I want to meet you guys more often as solo artists

6. Please always support GOT7, they worked hard!!!!

7. I’m jealous that both the fans and the artist seem to be looking forward to the future in a good mood

8. I hope that all GOT7 members will do even better in the future, and despite their different management companies, I hope the group will continue

9. I was surprised that the fans weren’t sad and even congratulated..

10. Be happy!!

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